What Do You Do if Your Music is Boring You?

Over the years I’ve started reading books that have been a major drag. Either it moves to slowly, the author doesn’t write in a style I find easy to read or the book simply isn’t what I thought it was going to be. Because I’m tight wit cash I used to always finish books even if I took none of it in. Now, I tend to just ditch the book and move on to something I enjoy more.

This chain of thought can crossover in to our repertoire. When we start playing a new piece of reprtoire we can often come across issues that make us wish we never started it. These can be things like the piece is too long, it’s too challenging overall or you hadn’t heard the piece before and when you start playing it, it isn’t your thing.

The last point above is most common in the early stages. When we’re working our way through method books there are often pieces that don’t suit us. This is where we feel the strongest sense of obligation. Thinking to yourself, “I must finish this because the method book says so”.

Method books are good. When you find one that does a great job of teaching then it’s structured in such a way that it’s like building blocks. Each piece builds more technique on top of what has already been taught. However, this doesn’t always make things fun.

When you’re looking at your music and if you’re not enjoying it have a think about what’s in front of you. What is the technique the piece is trying to teach you? What is it that is putting you off the piece? If you can answer the technique question, have you learned the technique?

Actually, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. If the piece doesn’t inspire you to go back to the piano then move on to something else, or ask your teacher if they can suggest something else for you. There is so much repertoire for every level of piano player that in my opinion it’s not worth hanging about and punishing yourself with something you’re not enjoying.

If you’re losing momentum because of the music then move on and find¬†something that excites you.

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