Piano Lessons

Piano classes, 1-2-1 lessons and support packages.

Piano With a Lighter Touch

If you’re really busy and find it difficult to work in regular lessons. Or, if you’re looking for flexible support that you can call upon at any time. 

Maybe you don’t have to budget to have a private teacher but you would love to have someone nearby who can answer tricky questions and help you progress.

Check out our Piano with a Lighter Touch program. Learn your own music at your own pace without the pressure of weekly checkins.

Not only that, you get to be a part of other like minded musicians who are on the same learning path as you.

Piano Lab

Working with others who are in the same place as you musically has shown to improve the learning experience.

Piano lab helps to build confidence, break down mental barriers, improve concentration and, of course, help you learn piano.

Piano Lab is fast paced and has shown excellent results.

1-2-1 Piano Lessons

1-2-1 lessons are ideal for the student who would prefer to work alone.

Maybe that dedicated time is what you’re looking for. Or, you may not feel confident enough to work in larger groups.

1-2-1 lessons will provide the same as the Piano Lab. Build confidence, break down mental barriers, gain deep understanding and apprecitation of music while having fun at the same time.

Here's What Others Are Saying

Colin is a fantastic instructor. My son is an older teenager and can be a handful, Colin is patient and keeps him focused and engaged. I would highly recommend his services.

Katie Campbell

My daughter absolutely loves her piano lessons with Colin. Very supportive and informative lessons, particularly in these difficult times colin has went above and beyond to ensure the lessons continue to be delivered to a very high standard. Would highly recommend.

Jodie Maxwell

My daughter started her piano lessons with Colin just before last Christmas and has been loving it ever since. Her progress is tangible and weekly, she gets tailored lessons and challenges to help her improve with posture, finger mechanics and melody.

Michela Garzoni Gatto

About My Studio

At my studio I love to nurture and encourage everyone to learn music. I truly believe that learning piano leads to a richer life. Teaching both online and when we’re not locked down, in person. Using a variety of approaches both at the keyboard and away from it. Making learning as fun as possible while driving home essential techniques and understanding.

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