Piano Can Be Lonely

I remember a number of years ago a student asking me of all my students were grade 8 or above. It struck me as an unusual question however it also showed me how lonely learning the piano can be.

Just for information, none of my students at that time were grade 8…. I think the most advanced students I had were about grade 4 or 5.


Recently I held a piano party for Christmas. It’s the 1st in person piano party we’ve had since before lock down started which I think was 2019. During the peak of covid we had parties over Zoom. They were good, but not the same.

There’s nothing fancy at the party. It’s more of an excuse to get everyone together to celebrate music. In this instance we played mainly Christmas music then we could relax, eat cake, drink tea, coffee or juice and just talk.

Getting other parents together to meet up and chat. Getting students together to chat about what just happened. Generally helping to build a community around an instrument that is solo the majority of the time.

I’m always imrpressed with nerve of kids. Of course they feel nervous before performing but they still get up and play. Sometimes people don’t want to play but I never put the pressure on. When I play solo I always feel the pressure and making mistakes can be the end of me. Kids however, just keep going and get the job done. It’s great to see.

What I always find amusing is what happens after everyone has finished playing their pieces and we split to socialise. The kids are more willing to play piano. Same amount of people in the room but not as much focus on the player. 

If you’re a piano player and sometimes wish you could be part of something bigger. Check your community. There might be a local, or reasonably local, piano group or a place where people just get together and play different instruments. If there’s nothing local go online and look for something. You might be surprised.

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