Learning With Music You Love

It always amazes me how everyone has their own taste in music. It’s probably just as well because there is so much of it out there. 

There used to be a record store (record shop wiki for those who don’t know) in a town near where I stay. My wife and I went to buy some CD’s and when we went to the counter the owner burst out laughing. He told us that he had never seen a couple buy such diverse music. I think my wife bought some Backstreet Boys and I got some Korn.

Of course, we all know that her taste in music is wrong and mine is correct. Don’t ask my wife though because she thinks the other way.

Anyway, tastes in music has a direct effect on learning piano.

One of the keys to learning to play any instrument is finding the music you enjoy playing. If you can just find that music you like at the level you play at then you’ve struck gold. Over the years I’ve seen students work on material that is far to hard for them. It’s taken them a long time to learn however it just doesn’t matter. They thoroughly enjoy the music therefore they go back to the piano more often and this leads to accelarated learning.

This is another approach people take in exams. Often the thinking is that picking the easiest pieces is the best way to go. Again, if they don’t like the music that can make piano very dull and destroys momentum. However I believe that picking the pieces you like the sound of makes the grading easier for reasons I’ve mentioned already.

Through the week I was asked about some suggested books with popular tunes in them for the level my student is at. After some asking around and searching I managed to find 5 books to get started. They are all around the beginner level up to around grade 1. I played through 1 at lunchtime and will get through the rest shortly.

Watch this space for a review on the books. I will be releasing a review video soon that covers them all and hopefully it’ll give some inspiration.

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