Why Do You Play the Piano?

I know there are loads of benefits of playing piano. Coordination, building resilience, cognitive improvement but why do you play piano? Is it for one of these reasons?

I’ve always found that the reasons above, and the other scientific things, are like a benefit on the side. I never wake up in the morning and say “I’m going to focus on my cognitive function via the medium of piano!”. Call me weird 😂.

Personally I love playing music that I’ve heard on Spotify (other platforms are available). Picking music that I love to listen to apart and learning it btt by bit to make my own interpretation of it.

Also, I really enjoy the escapsim of it. When I’m focussed on the piano and trying to churn out music very little else crosses my mind. I don’t have to think about work or any other day to day annoying thing.

Have a think about why you’re playing piano. Is it because you’re like me and just enjoy learning and playing or do you prefer to sit down and transcribe music? Or, do you like to improvise or compose?

Piano has been there for me for over 40 years now and I imagine it’ll be there long after I’m gone. It’s something I know i can just sit down at and enjoy.

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