Where is the Music Taking You

On a music journey… I hate that word 😂. However it fits.

How do you view your musical experience? Is it a short term thing for you or can you see yourself playing for the rest of your life. For me I can see me playing until I’m dragged away from the piano in a box.

I’ve spoken about this in the past in my ‘does your teacher have a teacher?’ thoughts. I speak with teachers all the time and not all of them still get lessons. To me, I never feel as though I know everything. When I watch or listen to people playing I regularly notice things that I like. Techniques of voicings that I could try. Often I find out that I need to have a lesson on how to do some of these things.

I think there is two ways to approach learning. You can either look at amazing players or teachers and be inspired. Or, you can think that the challenge is impossible and just give up. People are entitled to take whatever approach they want however for me, I get drive and it makes me more ambitious.

Seeing amazing players, watching other teachers deal with particular problems in really creative ways all helps me to develop as a player and a teacher and I can take pride in passing on what I know to students. Who knows… If I’m lucky some of my work will live on to generations in the future.

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