Should Your Teacher Have a Teacher?

I’m always very open about the fact that I get lessons. I know I’m a teacher but does that mean I shouldn’t continue learning?

Piano is a life long pursuit as far as I’m concerned. This is both becoming the best teacher I can be and the best player I can be. I think it’s crucial that I sit the ‘student’ seat on a regular basis. It keeps me grounded and helps me learn new ways to teach different topics.

In my lessons we do the usual stuff. I learn repertoire through the week, take my questions to lessons and we work on an approach that will help me to get over those hurdles. Don’t get me wrong though. My lessons aren’t just for me. It also offers a cushion for times when I can’t quite describe the solution to a problem to my students.

Sometimes when I’m teaching there comes a time when what works for me won’t work for the student. This could be an experience thing or a physiology thing. We’re all different. Different heights, hand shapes, arm lenths and the list goes on. 

Having a teacher that I can lean on not only helps me but gives my students another layer of ‘teacher’. Albeit we my teacher won’t answer your questions in your lesson, it’s something I can raise and bring to our next lesson.

If it means anything. My teacher has a teacher.

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