Sharps and Flats on Piano – How to Find Them

Sharps and flats on piano are all over the place. Where do you go when you sharpen a note? Where do you go when you flatten a note? Are all sharps and flats on the piano black keys?

Something that is sometimes taken for granted when playing piano is where the sharps and flats are. Learning how to play them and when is essential for reading music.

In this video I explain where sharps and flats are on the piano and I also go into natural signs too.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:07 Going Up and Down on Piano
  • 0:46 Accidentals
  • 1:04 Sharps
  • 1:40 Flats
  • 2:03 Naturals

If you’re trying to learn piano on your own but want a little help or you can’t find a teacher but you’re keen to get going then check out my Lighter Touch program.

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