Online or Face to Face Lessons

Through the week I’ve been thinking about the last couple of years. Quickly flipping from face to face lessons over to online lessons. Everyone made the transition smoothly and it went well.

I wasn’t overly concerned because I’ve been getting my lessons online for a long time know so I know what’s possible.

There are definitely pros and cons. One of the things is convenience. No travelling time other than to the keyboard or piano. As long as the camera angle is good enough I can see the posture which helps.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel that face to face allows me to see and hear more and make minor tweaks where required but I don’t think much was lost.

What I like now however is the fact that we can switch between online lessons and face to face lessons where it suits. Things like mild illness or terrible weather conditions means at the last minute we can switch to an online lesson. Maybe there are other things on and it makes the family taxi service easier. Flexibility and seemless switching really helps.

Fingers crossed we don’t go into another lockdown but at least if there is one we’re confident that we can switch to online and keep going with no breaks.

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