Easy Pieces Still Have Challenges

Over the years I’ve always insisted that we should treat all music with the same level of respect. I might be working on Bach preludes and fugues or Chopin mazurkas. However, when I open a level 1 method book or grade 1, 2, 3 piece I treat it the same as the more complicated and challenging repertoire.

At the moment I’m playing Beethoven’s 6 Variations in F Major Op. 34. The theme in itself isn’t particularly challenging to get through. Yes, I have to work hard on the phrasing, character, dynamics and voicing but there is a section near the middle that I struggle to get correct every time I play it.

Well… at least, I was struggling with it.

I went through the usual process, picking it apart, getting the fingering correct, hands separate then put together. Continued to work on balance and shaping. Now it feels a lot more comfortable.

My point is, the approach I mentioned above is how I would deal with any piece of music whether it be easy or difficult. I don’t expect to be able to play every piece I open if it’s been tagged as easier than I can normally manage.

Prepare yourself for these situations. because they will happen. 31 out of the 32 bars in your piece may be easy but there is a sticking point. Don’t get upset or angry or think it’s your right to be able to play it. Pick it apart slowly and piece it back together.

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